Nepal is known to the world as a land of peace and purity as it is the birth place of buddha and has been graced with many saintly men in the interval of time. It's well known that Buddhist philosophy promotion and monastery development committee has been doing yearly programs to promote and preserve Buddhist philosophy and has also been documenting the various Gonpa and Viharas spread across the nation, and has been an important benefactor in their repair and reconstruction. On one hand we have been providing financial aid for Buddhist Philosophy education in order for it to reach the masses whereas Buddhist art, medicine and excursive pilgrimage, research have also been accorded.
    In the present paradigm when the country has been adjusting to federal system it's natural for the field of work and duties of our committee to have minor change in accordance. In 2036 According to Development committee act 2013 High Level Monastery and Lama provision committee was formed and after the formation command in 2041 and 2042 Monastery management and development committee, the present day Buddhist Philosophy promotion and monastery development committee has been running in accordance under the first amendment act 2075 and been preserving, developing the  nationwide monasteries and viharas as well as Buddhist philosophy studies and development and has remained  Government of Nepal's Buddhist Philosophy Promotion and Monastery development committee since the establishment.  the workings of Buddhist philosophy promotion and monastery development committee has been in accordance to its conduction act which was accepted in 2071. 
    The main aim of this committee is to provide for the nation’s overall development by making Buddhist philosophy as the medium for which Buddhist philosophy having to reach the masses seems quintessential. Spreading Buddhism in order to promote amicability and mutual brotherhood, virtue and the feeling of fraternity to help develop the country sustainably, establish Nepal as a pilgrimage tourist destination as route towards a more prosperous Nepal. One on hand the committee is dedicated to the work it has been doing for years however our committee has also recognized the urgency to take a leap forward.
    Fundamentally, since the inception of our committee’s establishment it has moved forward with the aim of developing, researching and studying Buddhist Philosophy along with the developing and preserving Gumbas and viharas of pre historical and archaeological significance. Therefore, in order to promote Buddha dharma, philosophy, culture, tradition the committee is committed to preserve and developed the already established gumbas and Viharas. Renovating the Gumbas and Viharas in a vulnerable state to preserve the nation’s invaluable property has always been the committee’s primary motto since the formation and what it has always been and will be carrying out further impact in the days to come.
    According to article 3 of Nepal’s constitution 2072, Nepal is a country with multiethnic, multilingual, religiously plural, multi-cultural specialties, geographically diverse where the common aim and ambition of the country people is the sovereignty, freedom, geographical autonomy and betterment of the country with the united faith in the prosperity of nation. Similarly in accordance to article 52 (s) 2 of Nepal’s Constitution 2072 under which there is the current provision of maintaining mutual good faith, tolerance and solidarity among different ethnicity, caste, religion, language, culture and sect with the mutual coordination between the federal units to develop national solidarity therefore Buddhist Philosophy promotion and monastery development committee remains under Government of Nepal Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil aviation. As of late the committee has been moving forward with a steady workplan to establish central and religion Gumba (monastery) as an aim to develop Buddhist religion, philosophy in the country. 
    Buddhist Philosophy Promotion and Monastery Development Committee is formed by the Government of Nepal (GoN) for the development, preservation and maintenance of monasteries of Nepal. And it is also formed for the promotion of Buddhist philosophy.
    This committee has been working to carry out the various works related to Monasteries, Chhortens, Caves and rituals. Besides this, it provides management training and renovation fund for the historical and archaeological monasteries in Nepal.
    In 2041 BS and 2045 BS, the GoN passed orders for formation of Monastery Management and Development Committee for proper management of monasteries but later due to the changes in due course of time, the formation order 2045 was replaced by Buddhist Philosophy Promotion and Monastery Development Committee formation order 2066 for more systematic and effective work.

As we are working and promoting for development, preservation and maintenance of monasteries, Buddhist philosophy and the study of Buddhism all around Nepal and the management and renovation of historical and archaeological monasteries are being carried out by our organization, besides these, we have a vision to establish Buddhist philosophy research center for studying and recording the development activities related to Buddhism from past to present and to preserve Buddhist culture, art, tradition, languages. Not only that we are planning to make Buddhist circuit throughout Nepal to disseminate them to the whole world.

  • To promote and protect Buddhist religion, culture and philosophy.
  • To give financial support to the ancient and archaeological monasteries all around Nepal .
  • To organize and run different skill based trainings to the locals related to the monasteries for uplifting their living standard.
  • To develop monasteries as an educational centre.
  • To develop monasteries as religious tourist destination.
  • To publish essentials books for the reading and writing in monasteries
  • To establish Buddhist philosophy research center for studying and recording the Buddhist culture, art, tradition, languages and for the development activities related to Buddhism from past to present. And also to disseminating them to the whole world.
  • To collect information about the archaeologically and historically important public property of monasteries through the survey of monasteries and keep their records up to date for the proper security as well as to maintain structural information.
  • To include monastery education in the mainstream of education and to provide equivalence to the title achieved to the date.

  • To serve the process of nation building through the medium of Buddhist Philosophy.
  • To serve the process of sustainable development of the country by conveying the peace message of lord Buddha to all nooks and corners of the country for increasing the feeling of brotherhood and mutual understanding among the people.
  • To help in increasing the economic standard of the country by developing monastery sites as tourist destinations.

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